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Rainbow Bracelets

(Note that you can click on any image to get a larger image. The larger images are larger than the size of a real bracelet - it's like looking at them under a magnifying glass. Please be patient, it may take some time for this whole page to load.)

Dark Green Aurora

Twisted Deco

Red Flowers

Gold Dots

Red Flowers on Blue

Coral with Ivory Sprial

Coral Grey Red Spirals

Light Green Aurora

Pink Dots on White

Nine Chevrons

Emily's Pinks

Warm Pink Flowers

Purple Faceted

Lilac Flowers

Triple Chevron

Green Dots

Green Spirals

Aqua Spirals

Yellow Flowers

Aqua Faceted

Green Flowers on White

White Flowers on Orange

Orange Flowers on White

White Flowers on Green

Red Dots on Orange

Red Gold-Purple-Gold

Red Aurora



Plain Warm Pink

Candy Stripe

Orange with Gold Stripe

Criss Cross - Warm Pink

Blue and Red Criss Cross

Blue and Green Spirals


Brown and Topaz Spirals

Six Diamonds

Tan Dots


Blue Aurora

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers on White

Brown Chevron on Gold

Lilac Irridescent Two-Cut

Lilac Flowers 2

Lilac Aurora

Lilac Melange

Pink Flowers with Green Stripe

Nine Chevrons

Pink Spirals

Purple Flowers

Blue and Pink Diamonds in Spirals

Black Cubes with Bronze Spiral

Grey and Crystal Melange

Grey Cubes with Bronze Spiral

Blue Flowers on White with Silver

Orange Spirals

Ginny's Leo

Red Irridescent Two-Cut

Alternating Blue and Green

Brown Irridescent Two-Cut

Brown Spirals

Metallic Green

Purple Faceted 2

Brown Aurora

Brown Aurora 2

Purple with Gold Spiral

Green Golem

Purple Chevron

Mint Green with Turquoise Dots

Mint Green with White Criss Cross

Silver Diamonds on Red

Sea Green with Lime-Green Spiral

Purple with Pink Spiral

Amber with Tortoise-Shell Faceted

Blue with Lilac Spiral

Red Faceted

Deep Blue Faceted

Green Triangles on Purple

Turquoise Red Melange

Burgundy Faceted

Teal Irridescent Two-Cut

Bronze, Gold, Purple, Gold

Deep Blue, Bronze, Gold, Bronze

Irridescent Blue Faceted

Blue Topaz Aurora

Purple Dots

Rose Triple Melange

Aquamarine Faceted

Red Gold Melange

Autumn Orange Faceted

Kelly Green Dots

Yellow Triple Melange

Blue Black Druse

Painted Chevrons

White Squares On Black

Red Squares On Black

White Spiral On Black

Eight Pattern


Bright Six Colors

Eight Pattern Brown

Eight Pattern Pink

Eight Pattern White

Six Chevrons

Half and Half

Nine Chevrons

Grey Dots

Red Flowers On Blue



Venetian Colors

Three Browns


Blue Seven

Amber Sapphire

Gold Necklace - 26 inches

Deep Blue, Bronze, Gold, Bronze Necklace - 18 inches

Silver Choker - 15 inches

Necklace - 17 inches

Faceted Necklace - 17 inches

Red Bracelet with Dragonfly

Red Choker with Dragonfly

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