#PLEASE NOTE:  This file represents my impression of how Jonatha Brooke
plays this song from listening to the track on her Plumb CD.  
You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.  
Please email me <marian@jmdl.com> if you have a different impression 
of how it should be played. # 

Created:  2001-04-15

Nothing Sacred
Words & Music by Jonatha Brooke

Transcribed by:  Marian <marian@jmdl.com>

Tuning:  DGCFAD (standard tuning starting on D)

VG-8 pitches:  -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2  (highest to lowest strings)

+ + + + + + + + 


I have given only the basic chords.

Jonatha says the tuning for this song should be CGDGBD.  Please 
let me know if you work out the chords for her tuning and I will
post your transcription on my page.

+ + + + + + + + 

002210   10x110    002000    10x110

002210   10x110    002000    10x110
                                    It would take a

002210       10x110                  
wide net to  drag that deep through  

002000         10x110
all the years, the years I believed you

002210                     10x110           
You'd be hard-pressed to   face the fact of 

002000                10x110
all the lies and the   fears that deceived you

022100               244222
You say it doesn't   matter now

466444    577555
an-       gel there's

332010              000230        022100
nothing standing    in your way         but you forgot to

mention how you were

466444       577555
done with    me    It's

332010     000230      320000    
not your   problem     any-

002220   02x43x     2002xx    3004xx
more    woa------

002220   02x43x     2002xx    3004xx
                                   To be

002220      02x43x         2002xx    3004xx
true to be  kind to never  walk away         And it's

002220          02x43x             2002xx       3004xx
true you were   blind no matter    what I would say

002220   02x43x     2002xx       3004xx
     to  you   is   there nothing  sacred   

002220   02x435

002210   10x110    002000    10x110

 1997 Dog Dream Music, ASCAP