Angel in the House by Jonatha Brooke   

Tuning:  Eb  Bb  Eb  F  Bb  Eb  (capo 3)

Okay .. here goes nothing.  I'm going to give you just the basic chord shapes -- I think 
the picking pattern will become clear as you listen to the recording.  If you want me to 
be more detailed, just let me know.  (I've noticed a few similarities to West Point... similar 

These four shapes make up most of the verse (and a lot of the chorus)

Chord 1:	x04300	[My] mother moved the 
Chord 2:  	x24300	furniture when..	 
Chord 3:	2x4300	she no longer
Chord 4:	4x4000	moved the man.. etc..

The next is a beautiful progression that is simply a walk up on the base.  Listen carefully 
to get it just right.  Here are the shapes:

				but the	
Chord 5:	5x000x	history				send it	
Chord 6:	x0000x	of de-				reeling...
Chord 7:	x200xx	sire is	
Chord 8:	x4xxx2	such	
Chord 9:	x5xxx4	that
Chord 10:	5x000x	just one	
Chord 11:	4x000x	word	
Chord 12:	x00040	just one touch could (repeat)

Repeat the above for the verse "She passed GO again and again"..
Then comes the chorus:

Chord 13:	555000	She listened to the angel
Chord --:	 open
Chord 1:	x04300	she said
Chord 14:	444000	to flatter
Chord --:	 open		

Repeat above for "she said to coo - she said it won't matter..." then:

Chord 1			I thought I was		even in my 
Chord 2			by myself, but I 		wildest heart I
Chord 14			cannot kill the		cannot kill the
Chord 13			angel in the house	angel in the house
Chord --	 open

This is where it gets tricky BUT GENIUS!!  Play with the hammer OFFS here 
(always on the third  string.. )  It's cool -- pay special attention to the 
strings played - especially the base note.. it's very specific:

Chord 15:	0x4500
Chord 2:	x24300
Chord 16:	0x5600		(repeat)

There you have it..
Trey Ellett